Scaffold Design

Why choose 48.3?

We will save you time, money and materials.

We’re here to find solutions to problems, to make things possible for our clients. Our brand is built on over 100 years’ experience of simplifying complex access requirements. An investment in 48.3 is an investment in your reputation, site safety and productivity.

We will do everything to help you work safer and deliver projects quicker than ever before. But if we have a specialism, it’s innovating scaffolding solutions to even the most challenging sites that our competitors can't.

We deliver on TIME and can fast-track projects to deliver in ‘hours’ when needed! You decide when you need your project completed and we deliver it. 

We save you MONEY by focusing on buildability and simplicity to make the scaffolds we design as labour efficient as possible.

When it comes down to it, scaffold designs are all about buildability, the simpler we can make things, the better. Designs can look fantastic on paper, but if they don't consider how the scaffold team will erect the structure, they are useless.

Our designs are super-efficient, saving you MATERIALS. We check exactly what is needed and that’s all that goes in.

We cut the nonsense – the over-engineered solutions and wasteful over-design – to produce efficient designs that are robust, compliant and clear.  We only use the materials you want to use; what’s in your yard at the time, what you like using, what you are familiar with, so you can deliver on your promises.

If it isn't commercial, it isn't viable.

As well as the buildability of the structure, we’ll calculate the number of man hours you'll need to erect it. Erection time can make one solution commercially viable over another. It’s all part of our ethos to make a real difference, giving you greater control over your budget than ever before.

Is your reputation on the line?
Count on us – let’s talk!

Other Scaffolding Design Related Services from 48.3:

Feasibility Studies

If you are unsure of the best access option for your project we can help. There are many things to consider, and not just scaffolding! We will work with you at planning stage or once you have started on site to assess your access requirements, phasing and sequencing with other works, to create the best possible access package for your project.

Site Survey and Design Briefs

Formulating an accurate design brief can be difficult and BS 5975 requires that all temporary works design start with one. Where our clients are not used to producing them we will do it in a collaborative environment to ensure that the problem is fully understood and all necessary information is available to complete the design. The process often includes a visit to site, which we carry out all over the UK and abroad as required.

Scaffolding Inspection and Design Compliance

We complete design compliance checks to ensure an erected scaffold conforms to its design. This is accompanied by a detailed report with constructive feedback and action plan as necessary.

Independent Design Checking

We can provide an impartial design checking service for designs produced by other design companies. We create and complete F002 and F003 forms as designers and checkers as part of a Network Rail submission process. We also produce Highways Agency AIP (Approval In Principal) and London Underground CDS (Conceptual Design Statement) documentation.

As-Built Designs and Verification

This involves the production of a design for an existing scaffold and verification that what has been built, is structurally sound and compliant with all relevant codes of practice. If any additional work is required, we will work diligently to minimise its impact on on-going work.

Scaffold needing inspection? No problem – let’s do it!

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