Purpose & Values

Our Purpose

"Engineering Value Together"

There’s so much we'd like to tell you, but let’s keep it simple.

48.3 has been built – from the ground up – to make life easier for our clients. We transform sites into safe, efficient, risk-mitigated working areas. Our aim is to help you to win more work, minimise costs and timeframes, and produce long-term competitive advantages.

A 48.3 design is not just a great drawing, but a complete solution that works as well on site as it does on paper.

We want to deliver better scaffolding solutions by "Engineering Value Together"

Our Values

#1 See the finished structure before you start

What this means to us: Use your imagination. Understand the finished product.  Set goals to complete.  Planning.  Vision.  Direction - get it right first time.  Reverse engineer from the finished solution.  Follow and understand the process.  Feeling.   Foresight.  Take time.  Take each job on its merit.  Precedent.

#2 Say what you will do, then do it

What this means to us:  Honesty.  Ownership of the whole process.  Communication is critical to success.  Mutual accountability.  Build relationships.  Courage.  Manage expectation.  Time management.  Truth.  Determination.  Organisation.  Consistency.  Confidence.  Understanding.  Trust.  Commitment to deliver what you said you would.  Planning.  Prioritisation.

#3 Be better than expected

What this means to us:  Delivering more than our clients expect on every encounter. Raising standards.  Impress.  Give and receive the right training.  Support each other.  Ethical.  Embrace and apply new technology.  Happiness.  Create emotional bond.  Satisfaction.  Reputation will grow when we deliver this value.  Professional engineering in scaffolding.  Give more - reciprocity.  Be open minded to all options and solutions.  Feedback and reflection.

#4 Achieve more; build together

What this means to us:  If you want to go far - go together. Teamwork (makes the dream work).  Contribution from everyone.  Share knowledge without limits or expectation.  Compromise to ensure everyone is happy.  Great decision making - timely and accurate.  Delegating to the team, to people with the right skills.  Be polite and courteous.  Relationships matter.  Managing your time.  Respect everyone's time.  Sacrificing your time for a better outcome.  Mutual Respect.  Collaboration.

#5 Win-win

What this means to us:  A positive outcome for everyone. Sustainability.  Matching our values with others.  Understanding each other and their priorities.  Buy-in from everyone involved.  Balance the key factors - balance everything!  Strong relationships will be built on this.  Respect the needs of everyone - understand the needs of everyone.  Negotiating for the best outcome. Profit.  Fairness.  Round pegs in round holes.

Working with Our Values

"What this means to us" are the summary statements and explanations given by our team (all roles, all individuals) to explain what the values mean to them and how they go about living them every day.  We hold each other accountable to these values and everyone is accountable to each other. 

If you can relate to the values and what they mean to us, if you like the idea of working in this way, if you'd like to try them out? Then we'll likely be a great fit and we would love to hear from you and work with you. Either way, we welcome your thoughts and feedback. 

Our Ethos

Client with high demands?
Perfect - lets do it!


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