Design Risk Assessment

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48.3 Scaffold Design Risk Assessments are clear and accurate with specific customer focus. Individually produced for every design, they are directly linked to the design drawings using an integrated reference system. The 48.3 Scaffold Design Risk Assessment is an important component of each design package.

Risks are assessed using a valuation system comprising of severity and probability components. Control measures are suggested to best suit the situation and a controlled risk valuation provided. Remaining residual hazards that cannot be designed out are identified on the design drawing using hazard specific symbols.

The Design Risk Assessment should be read by all persons involved with the scaffold prior to erection so that the necessary control measures can be discussed and incorporated into method statements as necessary.

CDM regulations require that design assumptions and responsibilities are communicated up and down the project chain – this also applies to residual hazards remaining after design. It is the role of the designer to minimise risk and eliminate hazards through effective design; in circumstances where this cannot be achieved, the 48.3 design risk assessment plays a vital communication role.

All Design Documents

All the design documents produced by 48.3 Scaffold Design are customer branded and customer owned. Electronic documents are digitally encrypted for client security and password protected if required.

Scaffold design documents are typically supplied in controlled .pdf format to a client specified distribution list under 48.3 document control procedures. All colour prints are sent first class to a nominated person for internal distribution.

Additional Information

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