Design Philosophy


1. Buildability

Make sure it can be built safely and efficiently. 

2. Commercial Viability

If you don't need it, don't use it. Make it simple, keep it simple.

3. Safety through Design

Make it safe, from start to finish.

4. Collaboration

Achieve more; build together.

Our Design Philosophy

Scaffolding design is professional civil/structural engineering design and delivered to the same exacting standards, diligence and duty of care.  

We are problem solvers and solution creators, shaping the future by daring to think bigger. We push ourselves and our industry outside the comfort zone, taking on new challenges and redefining expectations as we go.


The cornerstone of any great scaffold design; you must be able to build it quickly and safely. Over fifty years of practical scaffolding experience in our design team – you can always build a 48.3 design.

Commercial Viability

A structure that is overly complicated, time consuming to plan and erect or inefficient with materials will not be a commercially viable solution, and that won't work for anyone. Solving a complex problem with a simple, straightforward and cost-effective solution, is a skill we value.

Safety through Design

Safety through well-conceived design, that is inherently safe; eliminating hazards and mitigating risk.

Safety throughout our design phase – it starts on site when we confirm the brief and ends on site after our designed structure is safely dismantled and cleared. Make it safe every step of the way. 


The best solutions are usually a blend of everyone’s ideas. We seek to understand the priorities of our client and the solution they would like to create, before bringing our own views if needed.  

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