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At the beginning of your construction project, every decision you make is crucial to maximising your success ... and your profit. The team you bring on board makes all the difference. We work with principal contractors and tier 1/2 sub-contractors to make sure you get the right support right from the start, avoiding escalating fees further down the line.

We built our consultancy arm the same way we build our scaffold designs – responsively, purposefully, and attuned to our clients’ commercial interests. We’re specialists. We take full responsibility for your scaffold and access requirements and lead from the front. Put it together with best design, modelling and engineering team in the country, and you get a project partner that can add value in three key ways:

1. Challenge poorly conceived and over-engineered specifications and create better ideas.

We can visualise, design and fine-tune every detail of your complex access requirements – virtually –  before a single base plate enters the ground, removing inefficiencies and delivering real-world cost and time savings. We can also test different scaffolding solutions, with changes possible in an instant.

2. Complete accuracy and control over the scaffolding sub-contract.

You get access to the most complete cost, scheduling and constructability information before you finalise the tender. It’s not rocket science – just nailing down costs and specifications upfront.

3.  Procure and deliver with confidence. 

Our deep experience means we can spot issues well in advance. There’ll be no last-minute, costly scaffolding modifications with us on board, which translates into a faster, more seamless experience on site. You can optimise phasing and buildability, and deliver projects quicker than ever before.

Pre-construction commercial services take risk out of the equation and replace it with certainty. The earlier we’re involved in the planning stage, the more time and money you save.

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