Independent Design Checking

Structure built properly? Let us check for you

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Eliminate risks for a fraction of the construction cost.

Engineers are only human – we all make mistakes. But construction is serious business. History shows the devastating consequences of assuming that our work is always correct and never needs checking.

At 48.3, we can check scaffolding designs you have already prepared, either in-house or via a subcontractor or scaffold design company. We have a long history of designing and checking scaffolding and temporary works solutions for Network Rail – 500 projects and counting! – and can quickly spot whether the proposed solution is likely to perform as intended.

Safety is our main concern but it is not the only one. We take our responsibilities to our clients very seriously. If we can identify better ways of working, we will. If we can correct mistakes that could cost you extra time or money, we'll do that too. (And we won't make a song and dance about it.)

A small price to pay.

We operate in an increasingly litigious industry where everyone seems to be looking for someone else to blame if something goes wrong. Rest assured that we stand by our determinations and are fully accountable for our certification of suitability. You can sleep soundly, knowing that we have your back. We won’t stop until the job’s done properly.

If you have drawings that need a second eye, talk to us. The fee for a design check is really very small compared to the enormous benefits.


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