Littlebeck, Whitby

Beamed Marquee Support Scaffold over the River

The Brief

This was a really great project for 48.3, and showed how successful we can be even when we are 250 miles from site. The success of this project was down to the excellent information provided by our client, Mark Parkin at Tiger Scaffolding and the clear channels of communication we had during the design process.

The scaffold itself provided the base for a wedding marquee located directly over a 6.0m wide river running through the grounds of the clients property.

Littlebeck, Whitby - Beamed Marquee Support Scaffold over the River

The Work

A dance floor for 200 guests created a unique load case for the scaffold. We were very aware of the possible repercussions if the guests on the dance floor were to feel the beams supporting them deflecting in any way – whilst this is exactly what the beams are designed to do, and a common experience for any scaffolder, it can be unnerving for members of the public. We also had to support an adjoining catering tent also directly above the river, and provide emergency and wheelchair access.

The Result

We worked closely with Tiger Scaffolding to position the scaffold supports on the bank in such a way that the loading imposed on the bank did not affect their stability. We then formed the marquee base from a series of 750 deep Apollo X-Beams. We had multiple public staircases, fire escape routes and ramps to complete the structure.

As you can see from the pictures, the scaffold was expertly installed by Tiger Scaffolding and the end result was a huge success. The client commended Tiger for the product they provided and how they contributed to a wonderful event.

Littlebeck, Whitby - Beamed Marquee Support Scaffold over the River

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