"Why" we do what we do!

The Story

Ever wondered how 48.3 have become the UK’s leading scaffolding design team? Or what motivates our Founder Ben Beaumont to strive for continuous improvement or how our work sets us apart? Well look no further than our new ‘About Us’ page. 

Our Ethos is one that’s been there from day one…. the reason that Ben Beaumont created 48.3 in the first place and the framework for our mission, vision and values.  It’s not until now though that we’ve put it down on paper and shared it. Every successful company is defined by the vision of its founder or leader and 48.3 Scaffold Design is no different.  Ben Beaumont, 48.3’s Founder and Managing Director has recently let us in on what motivated him to start the company and his vision for the future and beyond.

Through Ben’s leadership and vision 48.3 has grown into what it is today, leading by example and improving standards for everyone. And how does this show in our work? Well read our page and find out.

Whilst you're there look at our Meet the Team page too!