Technical Design Draughtsmen

The Story

It’s been 2 months since Alex and Nitesh, our new Technical Design Draughtsmen joined our team. We spend a few minutes to catch up with them both to see how they have found their first eight weeks onboard our bespoke ‘Technical Design Draughtman’ training programme and discover what have been their major challenges to date.

Alex Kirk told us, “After leaving the ‘North’ to start at 48.3, the past two months have flown by. Moving down south before my wife and children and travelling home at the weekends hasn’t been easy but the decision was the right one. Before starting at 48.3 I had very little knowledge of scaffold design and AutoCAD but what I’ve learnt in two months is nothing short of incredible. I have not only learnt the practical skills of operating AutoCAD but also gained an understanding of the legal and theoretical knowledge on which all design must be founded.

The course itself is structured into modules, each with set learning outcomes and tasks. Once a module has been assessed and completed it then sets the groundwork for the next module. The experience and knowledge of the other team members is invaluable in guiding me to discovering my own understanding of the subject instead of simply telling me the answer.

I honestly couldn’t ask for a greater set of people to share an office with, it’s a friendly environment infused with good willed banter, making the day fly by. I’m certainly looking forward to the future.”

Nitesh Patel added, “The first two months have been challenging! Having little knowledge of scaffolding to actually drafting scaffolding on AutoCAD has been really exciting, the training has been hard work, some parts of it easier than others but overall my knowledge has grown significantly. The training isn’t over yet though and I guess it will never be, engineering is all about learning and developing – that’s the best bit of all.”

Sarah Lee, 48.3 Office Manager said "The guys have fitted really well into the team and its great to have them onboard."

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