Supporting local charity

The Story

Morgan Arnell, Vice Chairman of Redhill and Reigate Round Table explains, “As part of a charity project for the local playgroup we needed to be able to access the high levels and ceilings of the two rooms within the community hall. The volunteers who were going to be decorating the rooms needed a safe and simple way to do this ensuring the highest possible safety standards were also met. It was decided the quickest and safest method would be a scaffold access structure instead of aluminium towers and ladders.

48.3 kindly designed the scaffold and their client Xervon Palmers, supplied and installed it. It was perfectly designed for the space we had and was erected and dismantled skilfully and efficiently. We simply wouldn't have been able to complete the work as quickly, easily or safely without it. Our team actually managed a full renovation of the playgroup space in under four days despite very few of us being experience painters.

48.3 and Xervon Palmers were vital to the success of our charity project and we cannot thank them enough for their support. Success wouldn't have been possible without them.”

48.3 would also like to express their sincere thanks to the Xervon Palmers team based at Gatwick Airport for their support in delivering this project successfully, in particular their management team of Mr. Brian Carver, Mr. Paul Wilton and Mr. Paul Jordan along with all the scaffolders who worked on the project, for their time and generosity.  We would also like to thank Xervon Palmers Area Manager Mr. Mark Kensett for his enthusiasm and support in helping make this project a success.