Spring 2013 Update

The Story

Spring has most definitely sprung at 48.3 Scaffold Design as we settle into our new offices at Somers Road in Reigate and welcome another team member to help with the ever expanding workload.

New team member

Sarah Lee, our new Office Manager has come on board to help manage our online presence, marketing and daily administrative duties, ensuring we can deliver to our clients the best possible service at all times. 

New office location

We have also settled nicely into the new offices complete with new computers (just installed this week!) to ensure we have the best and most up to date hardware. If you happen to be coming to visit us remember that the entrance to 48.3 Scaffold Design is via the main red door at the very front of the building!.

New challenges for team members

We asked Michael Eager and Luke Hunma, our new graduate design engineers what have been their biggest challenges this month and find out their latest projects………

Biggest challenges for May

Michael: “My biggest challenge this month would be the design of the splayed protection gantry and independent to the North facade of Bush House. We used Layher Allround system scaffold and Haki 450mm deep aluminum lattice beams, getting them to fit together with minimum tube and fitting turned out to be more difficult than expected due to the slight curve in the building.”

Luke added, “The most challenging aspect of my job this month has been being able to manage multiple large jobs with very close deadlines.”

Latest design

Luke: “I have recently worked on a pavement gantry with cabin support and Layher access independent scaffold at Trinity Square, London for Balfour Beatty and a mast climber support scaffold in Kensington High Street, London for St Edward."

Michael: “The last 2 scaffolds I have designed have been a beamed return on to a roof where it was not possible to put any substantial loads on to the roof. This meant fixing band and plate fittings to the wall and spurring out from the fixings with support braces to support the scaffold. Also, a Layher access scaffold and protection gantry for Bush House, which is on going."