The Story

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The interview centred around the concept of systemisation of your business and how building great systems can help you build a better business. We talk about lots of things, all related to be personal and business benefits of systemisation. You can find the episode summary here:
On reflection, the podcast experience is the embodiment of what we are trying to do here at 48.3. We are trying to change the industry for the better and increase standards across the board. By sharing my thoughts on this subject and hopefully inspiring other people to make improvements to their business, we are doing just that. 
The podcast itself seemed to fly by, in no time at all we had been speaking for 3 hours! Although not all that was about work - we had catching up to do as well. However, it goes to show that when you are talking about something you are passionate about, you can talk with ease! The subject of systemisation was first introduced to me around 18 months ago (formally - I guess before that you did it to a degree without realising!) when listening to Rob Moore speak. Since then we have been working on and updating our systems to make us an efficient as possible.
This has included an entirely new system for design delivery and quality control which utilises our online project management software - we use Adapted slightly to suit our business operation, it also includes our invoicing and billing process, communication records, document control and change management processes. Before we introduced these systems into our day-to-day day operation, we mapped out exactly what we wanted to achieve from each one, how it would make us better, the time it would save or the benefits it would generate. Knowing what you want to achieve at the start was crucial to getting making the system work. If you don’t, you end up with something that doesn’t quite fit, and may even be worse than what you do currently. 
Around nine months ago we also combined with with a shift to 100% cloud file storage and management. Introducing this new system was significantly easier following the ‘system’ we had used previously. The combination of online project management systems and cloud storage systems has made us totally mobile. We are now free to work wherever we are: construction sites, project offices, client offices, home etc. Moreover, we are able to react and mobilise very quickly when called upon - an attribute which is very important in our industry. 
In meetings this year with my mastermind group (with Expert Success) it was often commented on by the host Daniel Wagner (great guy and inspiration - check out his website) that I always managed to get a lot done between meetings and the group often wondered how I managed to do it. For a while I liked to think I was just ‘awesome', but the reality is that I had two things; a great team of people at 48.3 and in our supply chain, and great systems for those people to use. 
I hope you find the podcast interesting and enjoyable - Excellence Expected is a great place for business knowledge, advice and actionable strategies to help you improve, and I know from speaking to Mark that he has some AMAZING guests lined up in the coming months. 
To your success, to our success - together.