Our new website is live

Ever evolving

Thanks to the team at Prototype Creative, this year 48.3 has rebranded and launched a brand new responsive website.

The logo, made up of 10 circles and 3 lines may look simple from the outside, but it includes some very clever features that nobody will ever notice. The fact that the inside circles are 48.3% smaller than the circles that they sit within is just one of these. Even the dark blue was chosen just for us with the CMYK values being 48 3 0 90.

Our new website allows us to do so much more than its predecessor as it built on a bespoke CMS that features a template builder so we can lay the pages out however we want, within the style of the website. It even allows us to edit the content of a page directly on the page.

If you would like to see more of the awesome work that Prototype Creative do, take at look at their website at: or contact them directly by emailing