Our New 48.3 Website!

The Story

Have we told you about all the extra new functions our new 48.3 Scaffold Design website has?

Incase you haven’t seen our new website yet, let us tell you about just some of the brand new functionalities and features your going to find……we think your going to be impressed!

  • Firstly all our company imagery and logo has been rebranded and updated to show how we are moving with the times! Its still the same us just more up to date and current, showing a fresher, cleaner image. In line with the new branding we have also updated all our social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn to unify our branding. Click on the links at the top of our site to see these pages!
  • Our content management system (CMS), the platform we use to host, create and maintain our website has been completely rebuilt specifically for us using a Symfony2 Framework in line with W3C accessibility guidelines, providing a more efficient and superior website. 
  • We are now compatible with mobile phones and tablet devices running both iOS, Andriod and Windows, meaning that all the pages of our site now have a responsive layout, so whether your viewing us on your Mac, laptop, tablet or mobile, the pages of our website can adapt to suit the size of your screen. The site also support swipe gestures, which is just cool!
  • Our Portfolio page has been completely rebuilt and designed allowing us to showcase photos of our projects in high resolution landscape or portrait dimensions, the page also has a dynamic responsive layout detailing a description for each project.
  • The 48.3 News area has been redeveloped making our news articles easier to read with clearer high-resolution photos and with the ability to search through archived articles by year and month!
  • Lastly, our ‘Contact Us’ page features an interactive google grab and drop map meaning whenever you want to come and see us your be able to use this to find your way!

We hope you enjoy!!!