New Year 2013

The Story

First of all, we would like to wish all our clients, fellow scaffolding industry professionals, friends and website visitors all the very best for 2013.

The past year has been a very exciting one for 48.3 completing some fantastic projects and working with some really great people - hopefully this will continue throughout 2013.

The End of 2012...

2012 was a great year for 48.3 Scaffold Design. We managed to grow our client base inline with our targets and as such have formed some fantastic working relationships with new clients all over the UK.

We were particularly busy in December, with a large number of project deadlines to meet for work over the festive period (particularly for infrastructure renewal projects) and in the first few weeks of January. The design team put in some particularly long days to get everything finished, (which we did) and that has paid off with a nice steady introduction to the new year!

The Year Ahead..

Client Base

We are always looking to increase our client base and build successful new working relationships, however we have always been very careful to do this in a sustainable way. 'Sustainable' in our context, means that we do not exceed our design capacity, maintaining the high standards we set ourselves and most importantly delivering on the deadlines we are set. All too often we hear stories of customers being let down by design engineers, something which is unacceptable here at 48.3.

As we take on new clients, we also are mindful of the service provision we provide to our existing client base: repeat business is more important to us than any other.

We are now actively looking to increase our client base - CALL US NOW!

Due to the incredible speed in which our new design team is developing, we are able to actively seek new clients and increase our service provision far sooner than we had envisaged.

If you would like to have a design service that puts your interest above all others, delivers an unrivalled service day or night anywhere in the UK and meets your deadlines without compromise then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to see what other people say about us, please visit our testimonials page.

New Online Projects

We are really excited about a new online project we are working on called "Insights".

Insights is an idea we have developed which we hope will be of interest to everyone in the industry. We have written a set of short questions that can be answered by anyone within the industry, with the aim of finding out how that person views the industry at present, the challenges they are facing and the achievements they have made.

We have asked a wide range of industry professionals from Scaffolders to Scaffold Inspectors to Health & Safety Advisors and Contractor Managers. When the responses are all collated we are hoping the result will be a unique insight into the scaffolding industry at this moment in time.

This new page will be available from the end of this week, Friday 11th January (if not before) and a direct link will be placed on the homepage.

Industry Guidance: NASC TG20:13

The 'National Access and Scaffolding Confederation' (NASC) are currently working with their new delivery partner 'Computer and Design Services' (CADS) to deliver an eagerly anticipated update to the current industry best practice guidance note TG20.

CADS have vast experience in the delivery of software for scaffolding applications, bringing various products to market to assist with scaffolding estimating and planning as well as TG20 conformity. They also provide a wide range of other design and analysis software (one of which we use at 48.3: Analyse 3D) so there is a weight of expectation on them to deliver a really useful update.

Content of the new update is not yet available to the public, however examples and previews have been provided to the NASC  and their Technical Committee and CADS have stated they are planning to include new sections for simple bridge sections, birdcage scaffolds, the use of transom units (Ready-lok) within independent scaffolds and loading bays. All these items will have standard design solutions supplied so they can be used directly without further design input. They are also planning on reviewing the requirements for sway bracing (currently 1 in 6 bays for an independent scaffold), the requirement of plan bracing and the values for the effective length of standards and how they are analysed.

There will also be a new interactive CD supplied with TG20:13 - Volume 1. The purpose of which is to assist users with the production of standard designs covering the topics above and reduce the need for engineering input - contrary to what you may think, this can only be a good thing for us!