NASC Issue Updated TG20:08

The Story

The NASC (National Access and Scaffolding Confederation) have now issued new safe height tables for all the tables in Volume Two of TG20:08 which were classed as 'invalid' at the end of November due to the withdrawal of BS 6399 in March 2010.

The new tables now complete TG20:08 and bring the entire document up to date with current codes of practice. Volume One should be read in conjunction with 'Appendix H' which was released in early 2011 and Volume Two should be read in conjunction with the newly published tables.

Users of the printed document should ensure that they have the new additions printed and inserted into the relevant sections of TG20:08. Outdated tables should be struck out to ensure they are not used.

The tables that have been reviewed by the NASC are:

Section 9: Table 29 – 31 (Pages 154 – 159). Safe heights for Basic independent tied scaffolds fully ledger braced with fully loaded inside boards.

Section 10
: Table 34 – 36 (Pages 165 – 168). 
Safe heights for Basic independent tied scaffolds part ledger braced with lines of ties at alternative lifts.

Appendix A:
 Tables A1 – A24 (Pages 172 – 219). Tables of maximum safe height for fully ledger braced Basic Scaffolds

Appendix B:
 Tables B1 – B12 (Pages 222 – 233). Tables of maximum safe height for part ledger braced Basic Scaffolds with line of ties at alternate lifts.

48.3 first noticed the update to the NASC website immediately before Christmas after it was reported in November 2011 that the tables were 'officially' invalid. The NASC quickly changed their stance stating that scaffolds could still be erected to the existing tables until the new ones became available.

The NASC have made the new tables available to download directly from their website which can be accessed by following the link below:

NEW NASC TG20:08 Volume 2 tables