Layher UK Release Guide

The Story

Layher UK have recently completed their latest technical guide for use with genuine Layher components. It has been specifically written for Layher technical staff, design engineers and anyone wanting a quick reference guide to component properties, weights and capacities. The guide has been released in the UK to all known design engineers, design departments and Layher clients that use and design with Layher on a regular basis.

The new technical guide has been many months in planning and preparation. Layher UK have issued technical guides before, but none as comprehensive as this. The guide contains the following sections in 120 pages:

  • Component Load Capacities
  • Birdcage Scaffolds
  • Facade Scaffolds, Towers and Suspended Scaffolds
  • Means of Access - Ladders and Stairtowers
  • Bridging Solutions
  • Loading Bays, Loading Towers and Gate Systems
  • Beam Data - Safe Working Loads
  • Protective Systems

For everyone who is used to designing with Layher and thumbing through the 'Full Product Literature' on a regular basis the new technical guide represents a very useful document: grouping all this information together in one place saves time! The section on stairtowers is particularly useful as this information was previously located in two or three different documents, some of it, such as the plan layouts and landing arrangements were (as far as we know) not printed before.

Sean Pike, Managing Director of Layher UK said upon the realise of the new technical guide "This booklet is primarily aimed at scaffolding engineers, draughtsmen and technical departments, but it is also purposely written in language that is easy to follow by all, with clear notation and examples of how to use the tables within. It provides users of this guide with a larger degree of satisfactory design criteria for many common Layher Allround scaffolds".

Layher UK are obviously keen to ensure that the information contained within the new technical guide does not fall into the wrong hands, therefore the technical guide is only available in controlled printed form and not as a PDF download. We would therefore extend Layher's request that electronic copies are not made. Copies of the technical guide are available upon written request from Layher UK at

As far as we know Layher UK are the first to release such a guide over and above the standard documentation issued via their head office in Germany. 48.3 Scaffold Design Limited would like to commend Layher UK and all the people involved in the development of the new guide for their efforts in producing it.