Layher UK Open Day 2012

The Story

Layher UK will soon be holding their annual Customer Open Day at their head office in Letchworth. The open day is a showcase of the full range of Layher products available to the UK market and includes live demonstrations, hands-on interaction with all the products, free information and discussion with Layher staff as well as wine tasting and competitions.

One of the products on demonstration during the day is the new Layher Keder XL Roof. The new Keder XL system is, in principle, very similar to the previous Keder Roof. However, new innovations like the new top chord profile and stronger internal bracing members mean the Keder XL has a much greater load bearing capacity. As a result it can achieve clear spans of up to 40m with the correct bracing assembly, which is good news for scaffold designers and installers! We really hope that there is a full size 40.0m span temporary roof erected, and on demonstration at the Open Day!?!

Layher UK have also announced that their colleagues from Germany will be attending the open day, including one of their main shareholders, Georg Layher.

The Open Day is by invitation only however places may still be available if you contact Layher UK directly on

48.3 Scaffold Design will provide an update to this story and summary of the open day after the event.