Interview with John Milton

The Story

We have asked John Milton, Xervon Palmers Contracts Manager at Heathrow Terminal 2B, a few questions about the project we have been working on together and the experience he has had working with 48.3.

John has over 25 years of scaffolding experience, 13 years as a contracts manager. He successfully managed multi-million pound scaffolding projects including  Heathrow Terminal 5 and has been involved in the rebuild of Terminal 2 since phase one started in late 2008. John’s significant managerial experience is highlighted by the fact that he regularly has over 100 scaffolders working on his projects.

Please could you explain any past experiences with any other scaffold design companies and how working with 48.3 has helped your business or project.

“I was initially given 48.3 Scaffold Design contact details by a colleague as I was unhappy with the service I had previously received from other scaffold design companies. Working with 48.3 has been like a breath of fresh air, not only do they provide comprehensive and high quality designs but in conjunction they also provide a Design Risk Assessment which is something I had not received from a scaffold design company before.”

What does 48.3 provide for your business?

“From the outset 48.3 Scaffold Design set to work assessing all our requirements. Initially we required designs for all the small scaffolds we were erecting on site, and 48.3 was able to do this, at some points juggling 50-100 of these small designs at any one time! These small designs enabled us to carry on with all the works at that stage.

As the contract progressed they had a full time design engineer on site. This enabled us to deal with complex designs, including obtaining access to the ceiling level of the central atrium over the installed escalators that were completely enclosed in finished glazing works. Kone and Balfour Beatty temporary works placed a restriction of 120kg as the maximum imposed load of individual treads. In conjunction with 48.3 Scaffold Design we came up with an innovative aluminum design, reducing the self-weight of the scaffold. We created a close centred and staggered standard arrangement to effectively distribute load evenly along the escalator and stay within the maximum load per tread.

48.3 Scaffold Design produced accurate and clear designs and suffice to say everything went to plan and the scaffold was erected to a high standard.”

What does 48.3 allow your business to do better?

“I believe having high quality designs as well as accurate and concise design calculations is paramount however being able to service our client, Balfour Beatty is our main priority. Recently Balfour Beatty introduced a check certificate requirement for every design, formalising the checking system already in place. 48.3 Scaffold Design actioned this straight away and together we assisted Balfour Beatty temporary works to manage this process. As a result we were able to progress with works without any delay.”

Please provide any general comments about 48.3 and the service we provide

“48.3 Scaffold Design offers a very professional service with clear and concise drawings and calculations of a very high standard. I have been delighted with the service they have provided over the past 16 months on the Heathrow Terminal 2B project and would highly recommend them to any future clients.”