Getting the most from working at home

We share our top tips

Just over 4 weeks ago based on UK Government advice, 48.3 took the decision to close all our offices to ensure the safety and welfare of our team. With 48.3 being a fully mobile business we were fortunate enough to transition from office to home seamlessly which has been invaluable in such unprecedented times and has ensured that we have been able to keep operations fully functional. 

Although our service hasn’t changed, our mindset has had to! Working from home throws up all sorts of challenges, everything from finding a suitable space to work to carrying out meetings has had to be overcome. Through trial and error, we would like to share our top tips for working from home and how to get the best from your day.

Firstly, create a ‘workspace’ in your home which can, ideally be designated to just work, this will help your mind move out of ‘work’ when you leave the space, ideally this needs to have some natural light, a decent desk and chair and preferably quiet! (not always possible!)

Get dressed! - If you are dressed for ‘work’ you will be more focused for the day ahead and more motivated to take on the challenges of the day. At 48.3 we have a company wide meeting three times a week and carry out most of our meetings via videoconferencing so there is no opportunity to sit in PJ’s! 

Maintain a routine- ensure you keep to structured work hours and at the end of each day put your laptop away, that way you won’t be tempted to work late. We have ensured that the service we offer at 48.3 has remained the same so all the team are accessible during their normal working hours which has helped define a clear start and end of each working day.

Take regular breaks- don’t be tempted to sit at your desk longer than you would at work, making a cuppa or escaping into another room or garden gets you back into the right headspace. 48.3 have set up a weekly 2pm ‘Cuppa’ time where we encourage our staff to make a ‘cuppa’, log into zoom and enjoy a virtual afternoon tea and chat with the rest of the team, it’s a great way to catch up and take a break from the pressures of work. 

Get fresh air- with all this amazing weather open a window, and try to use your hour of exercise each day to get outside in the park or garden, a change of scenery with no work distractions makes a huge difference to our mental well being.

Check in with team mates- At 48.3 our teams all have daily morning catch up calls to ensure everyone is fit and healthy and know the expectations for the day, we also encourage the team to keep an open voice chat if working on a project together. 

Finally, drink plenty of water and plan food and snacks- if you are hydrated and blood levels are consistent then it will maximise concentration and improve productivity.

If you have any home working tips that you have found beneficial then please share, we would love to hear! 

We are all in this together, keep safe and healthy