Fasten your seat belts…

The Story

The 48.3 Scaffold Design team and their guests enjoyed an evening in the fast lane at an F1 car racing simulator venue in Surrey last week.

Lyndon Scaffolding, TRAD Scaffolding and Anglewest Ltd as well as the 48.3 team competed against each other in an invigorating and bracing evening!.

After an inital safety briefing everyone was split into two groups racing against each other in a tense qualifying session.

Ben Beaumont, Managing Director said, 'We thought it would be great fun for the 48.3 team to challenge some of our clients to a F1 race night, its a perfect way for us all to let our hair down and to demonstrate our Formula One driving skills or lack of them in some cases!. The race simulators require a whole lot more technique than you think, going up to speeds of 200 mph and requiring lots of concerntration!'.

After the qualifying session, the winners from each qualifying race competed against each other with the final top eight drivers going head to head in a 'super final' all racing against each other in a bid to lift the winners trophy!.

Our very own Ben Beaumont came hurtling into first place with Alex MacPherson from Anglewest coming a close second and 48.3's Graduate Design Engineer, Micheal Eager taking third position.

'A great night was had by all, we all got to let off steam behind the wheel but most importantly the 48.3 team were able to enjoy an evening with our much regarded clients' said Ben Beaumont. 

Take a look at our evening