Commended by Network Rail

The Story

Over the past couple of months 48.3 Scaffold Design has been working in partnership with Anglewest Ltd to achieve solutions for various access requirements on Costain's Reading Station Project.

One of the main projects undertaken was to design and construct a temporary replacement platform for public use whilst a permanent structure was constructed. The scaffold had to have as little impact on the aesthetics and functionality of the station as possible.

The brief provided by Costain and Network Rail was to design a temporary scaffold structure to tie in seamlessly with the existing platform.

The scaffold was designed for public access with a loading of 5.00 kN/sq. m for the platform itself and a horizontal load of 1.50 kN/m on the edge protection. The scaffold was based out on adjustable jacks to allow fine adjustment of boarded platform level and was stabilised by anchors into existing concrete railway sleepers. Signs and signalling equipment were fixed to the scaffold, which was accessible from adjacent platforms via scaffold bridges allowing the station to be fully functional.

James McWhirter, Senior Construction Manager for Network Rail commended the team on ‘producing an exemplary achievement in constructing the temporary platform No 7 at Reading Station in what was an extremely well planned, coordinated team effort from design to completion within such a tight programme’.

Over the years we have had the privilege of working with amazing clients which has allowed our business to flourish.  This is just one example of what can be produced when a strong partnership with the same goals in mind come together.

Well done all! Great service results in great feedback!