Ben Beaumont reflects on 10 Years of 48.3

06 May 2020

​What do you love? What are you most proud of?​

Ben Beaumont is the Managing Director of 48.3. He founded the business 10 years ago in his bedroom in Reigate and has been the driving force behind it ever since. Now we have four offices in the UK (Redhill, Leeds, Gateshead and Glasgow) and 28 staff members with more offices and staff to come this year as our growth continues.  As part of our '10 Year Celebration' we asked Ben to reflect on his time running the business and asked two simple questions; what do you love most about 48.3? What are you most proud of? 

Listen to what Ben had to say in the video below and gain an insight into how Ben thinks, and the things that are most important to him.

(Its hard to shut him up once he gets going!)