48.3 Senior Engineer achieves with the ICE

10 Dec 2021

Jack Bond BSc (Hons) CEng MICE passes his Chartered Professional Review.

Today, Jack Bond BSc (Hons) CEng MICE received the information he has been waiting five weeks for. He has successfully passed his Chartered Professional Review with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

Jack, who joined 48.3 as a Graduate in March 2016, completed the review through the company’s internal ICE approved training academy with the support of his colleagues, Ben Beaumont and Mark Gilroy who acted as Jacks Sponsors along with Ivik Masek and Colin Harwood who provided mentorship throughout the duration of his course.

Ivik who worked closely with Jack told us, “Like most companies, we have competition between employees and for some, it motivates them to achieve amazing results. Jack is our most competitive employee; he’s self-driven, very focused and constantly exceeds my expectations. He 100% deserves this recognition for all his hard work and is a source of inspiration for the rest of our team”.

Based from the 48.3 Gateshead office, Jack is a valued member of the Senior Management team and will continue to fulfil his role as Engineering Manager and Senior Engineer for the North. Jack said,

“I’m thrilled to have achieved my Chartered Professional Review and now be recognised as a Chartered Engineer. All that hard work has paid off, however it doesn’t stop here. I will continue to always provide our clients with the best service possible! Huge thanks to the team who have supported me every step, I could not have achieved this without you”.

From all the team here at 48.3, congratulations Jack!


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