48.3, a Richter Associates Company

The exciting new development of 48.3!

When 48.3 was established in 2010, it was the ambition of Founder and Managing Director, Ben Beaumont, to create a market-leading business which would one day serve as the driving force behind the evolution of scaffolding. Fast forward 9 years, and the strategic acquisition of 48.3 by design and engineering powerhouse, Richter Associates, has truly served as the milestone of superseding that vision.  

The joining of 48.3 to the Richter Associates group is one of true complement; not just in terms of service offering, but also of vision, value and ethos. The versatility, dedication and innovation that 48.3 prides itself on providing to its clients is mirrored by the driving force behind Richter Associates’ success. Where 48.3 has a reputation for absolute quality in every aspect, Richter Associates never fails to exceed expectations. In short, it seems there could not be more of a perfect match for two pioneering companies in the complex world of temporary and permanent works design.

So why this and why now?

As anyone in the construction industry knows – scaffolding is a highly specialist subject and a niche sector of temporary works design. Historically, 48.3 has concentrated specifically in the design, planning and management of scaffolding; providing commercially viable, efficient and risk reduced scaffolding solutions across the UK. Whilst this will continue to form a significant part of our service offering, we will now be able to provide a fully-integrated approach to construction, including both temporary and permanent works in our scope. 

This will maximise the value to the end client by managing all the interfaces between the temporary and permanent works - making the entire process safer, more time efficient and more cost effective. We can integrate the permanent and temporary works all in one design, eliminating the need to outsource and manage multiple consultancies, contractors and designers, all on one project. 

With versatility being a definite requirement in this industry, our newly-extended service offering can be tailored to support clients’ specific needs and add significant value to client projects.

Looking to the future of temporary works

From humble beginnings to an industry-leading, full-service construction design and management business, the new 48.3 guarantees to deliver a uniquely extensive set of services to satisfy the most complex or most simple of client project requirements. 

"This is a really exciting time for 48.3 - it’s the start of a new chapter in our development and growth. I believe this is the future of scaffold design - bringing it in line with other aspects of temporary works,” comments Ben Beaumont, Founder of 48.3. “48.3 and Richter Associates share common values and views on the development of the industry. Our companies offer complementary temporary works, permanent works and geotechnical services that, when combined, create a unique service offering available nowhere else in the industry.”

“There’s no doubt in our minds that 48.3 is the most reputable scaffolding design firm in the country,” comments Abouzar Jahanshahi, Richter Associates Director. “Combined with Richter Associates’ decades of experience in temporary works design, structural and geotechnical engineering, 48.3 is now able to provide a full set of services that includes all aspects of scaffolding design and assessments of any interface with permanent works or supporting ground as well as any impact on nearby buried services, voids, basements, vaults, open excavations and more. Our practice will provide certainty of outcome in design and avoid potential for errors or delays to programme.”

Roger Tice, Richter Associates Managing Director further adds: “Richter Associates remain ‘contractor’ friendly and continue to provide consultancy services throughout the whole life of a project, from conception, pre-construction, construction, maintenance, demolition and re-enable. Our company provides collaborative design services throughout all these stages, and with the unrivalled level of scaffolding design and installation expertise that 48.3 provides, it strengthens the specialist technical services offered to our clients, old and new. It is an exciting time for the scaffolding market, which now has a consultancy offering a ‘one stop shop’ solution to all contractors.”

Our values add value

At 48.3, we strongly believe that our values, ethos and high standards differentiate us from the industry norm. Our business is built on five key values which we prioritise in everything that we do.

#1 See the finished structure before you start
We’ve always had this destination in sight. We knew that we wanted to go one step further, to distance us from any competition and set ourselves as the industry go-to for full-service temporary and permanent works solutions.

#2 Say what you’ll do, then do it
We’ve committed to driving the evolution of scaffolding and demonstrate that with this development in our company journey. We now pledge to provide the ultimate service offering in temporary and permanent works.

#3 Be better than expected 
We’ve built a reputation that we are proud of; as a reliable, innovative and high-quality provider of scaffolding design and management services. We’re ready to enhance that reputation with our new service offering and continue to exceed everyone’s expectations.

#4 Achieve more; build together
Combining strengths, complementing services, matching values – this is the ultimate definition of creating success from working together. We’re bringing on board the tools, resources and expertise to be able to deliver full-service solutions to the industry.

#5 Win-win
Or in this case - win-win-win-win-win. Because with this exciting and inspiring development, 48.3 wins, Richter Associates wins, existing clients win, prospective clients win and the industry, as a whole, wins. 

To learn about how 48.3 can add value to your next project, please contact us on 01737 244047 or by email at