Alex Fingland - HSE Manager

In reference to the services 48.3 provided for Costain on the ABC Electrification Project at Stirling Station:

"From my arrival at Stirling Station and our discussions relating to 48.3's role on site immediate actions were taken on the issues raised at the meeting, and full clarification was provided to the role of 48.3 on site activities.
The experience and knowledge from 48.3 in reviewing the contents of the scaffolding contractors work plan and providing guidance on amendments required to the document was of great benefit. The manner in which 48.3 then cascaded the revised document to the scaffolding team was very effective, and was more of a two way discussion which ensured the revised details were completely cascaded. At the same time it provided the competent scaffolders opportunity to explain their understanding of the methodology which also provided a means of displaying their own individual knowledge and experience in the installation process.
The nightly monitoring and participation by 48.3 enhanced the overall installation process, that with the approachable nature of the 48.3 staff it became apparent that a very effective working relationship developed between the scaffolders and 48.3. This led to open and honest discussion taking place on any issues or any deviation that became apparent. The improved communications on site and guidance provided by 48.3 in overcoming such instances, positively impacted on the scaffolding contractors staff. They gained confidence in their ability to install the structure to the correct specifications which then extended through the nightly operations when the client and other stakeholders arrived and visually observed the installation process. 
The additional benefit in having 48.3 presence on site was the knowledge, guidance and advice that was immediately available to Costain and Story site representatives, who’s knowledge and experience in installing the type and level [complexity] of scaffolding was limited. 48.3 were of great benefit, I know the assistance from the 48.3 team was greatly appreciated by myself."


48.3 Scaffold Design processes data to provide:

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