Construction Solutions Ltd

Bradley Alexander, Project Manager

"For me personally, this is the first time I have dealt directly with a company providing the service of 48.3, however I have been impressed with their work and support throughout.

They have provided an accurate and well thought out design with an excellent attention to detail, and an understanding of how their design will suit our needs as the construction team. This allows our business to provide a clear and concise design direction for not only our scaffolding sub contractors but also others involved within the further construction stages of our contract.

48.3’s work has been to the highest order considering the nature of the project and its beginnings and likewise can be said of their support post initial design. They have been quick with accommodating necessary design changes whilst perceptive at anticipating our needs during construction. I would not hesitate in using 48.3 for future projects."


48.3 Scaffold Design processes data to provide:

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