Angel Court

Layher Acoustic Panelling

The Brief

MACE Construction were in the earlier stages of taking over the Angel Court project from the demolition contractor (Keltbray). The site at this point was centralised in an area with a high number of office buildings, which led to issues about noise levels during work hours.

MACE instructed GKR Scaffolding to come up with a solution that would incorporate the use of scaffolding and sound proofing between the lightwells of the neighbouring office blocks to reduce the sound ingress from the demolition work.

Angel Court - Layher Acoustic Panelling

The Work

48.3 Scaffolding Design in partnership with GKR Scaffolding agreed the best solution would be to provide a tube and fitting scaffold utilising the existing party wall structure.

The scaffold could not effect the phasing of the work below, so could not be erected from ground level. Instead this was achieved by fixing a cantilevered scaffold inside the lightwell utilising the lower level windows of the offices to counter uplift at the rear of the beam work. The front of the scaffold (site side) was fixed into the existing brickwork using welded butt tubes fixed in pairs at lower level and supporting the scaffold above using double braces.

The Result

The best solution for a sound barrier was to use Layher Protect Panels with an acoustic sponge fixed inside each panel. This gave the scaffold a solid look finish and achieved the acoustic barrier required.