Ben Beaumont

Managing Director

As founder and managing director, Ben innovates and directs 48.3’s strategic partnerships, growth initiatives and service development. He’s responsible for the rise of 48.3 as a top scaffolding and temporary works consultancy.

Driving Ben’s success is his solutions-orientated mindset and ability to steer projects to safe, timely, and cost-effective completion. A strong advocate for raising standards and promoting awareness about the role of temporary works in construction industries across the world, Ben has consistently evolved 48.3’s capabilities, equipping contractors and scaffolding specialists with the tools and knowledge to tackle their most pressing access challenges. Within 48.3, Ben cultivates a culture of curiosity and empowers employees to develop innovative solutions on behalf of clients.

Previously, Ben was the engineering and design manager at Tone Scaffolding, where he helped shape core capabilities and ran a highly successful team. He has over 15 years of experience pioneering the field of scaffolding design, and a track record for masterminding solutions to the most complex access and scaffolding challenges. His scaffolding background includes a series of technical engineering and senior management positions in Dubai and in the U.K.

A recognised industry thought leader, Ben currently serves on the technical committee for the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) and the board of industry think-tank the Temporary Works Forum (TWF). Authorships include the market-leading training course “The Secrets of Scaffold Design,” a program that sets the quality standard in scaffolding education. Ben holds a degree in civil and structural engineering from the University of Bradford.